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Germany towards compulsory vaccination

Germany towards compulsory vaccination

In his first questioning session to the federal government by Bundestag deputies, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz defended the ruling coalition's coronary policy.

In the face of the spread of the Omikron virus variant, the number of infections is expected to continue to rise. and similar situations are expected in neighboring countries, said Social Democrat Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The pandemic is currently at a crucial stage, he added.

What matters now is that the measures are respected and followed up continuously, he added. Vaccination remains the way out of the pandemic. The aim is therefore to increase efforts in this direction. The goal is to make one million vaccines a day, Scholz explained. Further, the chancellor confirmed that he adheres to the introduction of a general vaccination obligation. The coalition will continue this path.

In the ensuing debate, the executive secretary of the unionist parliamentary group, Torsten Frei, called on the federal government to submit a legislative proposal to the Bundestag regarding compulsory vaccination. According to Frei, the fact that this has not yet been done is a dubious sign. The chairman of the AfD parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Tino Chrupalla, criticized the continuation of the introduction of compulsory vaccination. According to him. This obscures Germany's real problems.

* Article i Deutsche Welle