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Hamburg bans headscarves and burqas in schools

Hamburg bans headscarves and burqas in schools

Face coverings with veils or burkas will be banned in schools in the city and federal state of Hamburg, German media reports.

"School and face covering do not go together. Seeing the face of the interlocutor is important for communication," said Nils Hansen, an education expert at the Hamburg branch of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD).

All representative caucuses in the provincial senate, with the exception of the Left party, voted to pass a law that would allow for a ban on face coverings.

The legal initiative was launched after a Hamburg court in 2020 accepted a lawsuit brought by a 16-year-old schoolgirl who complained that she had been expelled from class for wearing the piece. The court then explained the decision saying that there is no legal basis for such a ban.

Hansen explained that bullying in Hamburg schools is not a mass phenomenon, but he justified the adoption of the law with the need for schools to be able to refer to the law in their decisions.

Wearing a protective mask as protection against infection and a scarf as a head covering is still allowed.