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The city with the best smell in the world

The city with the best smell in the world

The British company HAIPP has published the 10 European cities with the most sensitive smells.

The research included 30 cities in Europe and beyond.

Cities are rated based on cleanliness, number of florists, bakers and perfumers. Time Out writes that Athens, Greece took the first place among the most fragrant cities in the world.

This historic city and one of the oldest capitals in the world received a score of 8.3 out of 10, thanks to its many bakeries and shops that emit aromatic notes.

Also, Athens is a flower paradise, with 31 florists and 22 perfumers in 10 square kilometers, which means that a delicate fragrance lies in every corner of the city.

What other cities are on the list?

In second place is Paris and in third place is Zurich, Switzerland, due to the smell of baguettes and clean streets.

Apart from them, this list includes Dublin (Ireland), Luxembourg, Nicosia (Cyprus), Copenhagen (Denmark), Bucharest (Romania), Valletta (Malta) and Amsterdam (Netherlands).