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The US is hit by storms and tornadoes, at least 20 deaths are reported

The US is hit by storms and tornadoes, at least 20 deaths are reported
At least 20 people have died as tornadoes and storms hit four US states over the weekend, destroying homes and leaving hundreds of thousands without power.

Seven people died in north Texas, eight in Arkansas, three in Kentucky and two in Oklahoma. Hundreds more were injured and nearly 500,000 homes were without power in several states on Sunday.

The storms caused extensive damage from north of Dallas to northwest Arkansas. On Monday, meteorologists said that the east, a large part of the country from Alabama to New York City, will now face great danger.
Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear declared a state of emergency Monday morning through a post on the X social network.

In Texas, about 100 people were injured and more than 200 homes and buildings were destroyed, Gov. Greg Abbott said.

"The hopes and dreams of Texas families and small businesses have been shattered by back-to-back storms," ​​said Abbott, whose state has faced severe weather, including storms that killed eight people in Houston earlier this month.

The central US has been dealing with deadly weather this month.
Tornadoes in Iowa killed five people and injured dozens more last week. April saw the second highest number of tornadoes in the country.

Meteorologists and authorities warned citizens to seek emergency shelter as the storm marched toward these states on Saturday and Sunday.

Severe thunderstorms are expected in Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Forecasters said North Carolina and Virginia face severe weather starting May 27.