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The book that the publisher Arlinda Dudaj suggests the most this summer

Have you chosen the books you will read during this summer's vacation? If not, you should consider the suggestion of the publisher Arlinda Dudaj. The book she suggests most holds the title 'Homeland' by author Fernando Aramburu. Invited to 'Rudina', Arlinda showed how much she was impressed by the reading of this book and therefore felt the strong desire to share it with her followers.

'I chose to talk about the book Homeland by Fernando Aramburu on Rudina's show. For many reasons that I list here, this book has impressed me so much and I feel really strong the desire to share it with you ', she wrote on Instagram.

The book that the publisher Arlinda Dudaj suggests the most this summer

The book is located at the publishing house 'Dudaj' and below you can read a description for 'Atdheu'.

"Homeland" - Fernando ARAMBURU

The day ETA announces that it has dropped its weapons, Bitori leaves for the cemetery to show her husband's grave, Chatos, killed by terrorists, that she has decided to return to the village where they lived. Can she coexist with those who harassed her before and after the assassination that had ruined her and her family's lives? Will she be able to find out who was the hooded man who killed her husband one rainy day, returning from work? No matter how secretly she goes, Bitor's presence disturbs the false tranquility of the village, especially of the neighbor, Miren, her once close friend, and the mother of Joshe Marit, a imprisoned terrorist whom Bitori has the most terrible suspicions of. What
happens between these two women? What has the lives of their sons and husbands shown so closely connected in the past? With hidden resentments and unwavering convictions, wounds and bold actions, the powerful story of their lives before and after the crater that Chato's death opened tells us that, in a community devastated by political fanaticism, it is impossible. to forget and it is necessary to forgive.

Fernando Aramburu (San Sebastian, 1959) is considered one of the most prominent prose writers in the Spanish language, the author of many novels, some of which have received prestigious awards in Spain.

The book "Homeland" is his perfect novel. A necessary, bold and touching story, imposing to be read by all. One of the most amazing books in modern Spanish literature.

The book that the publisher Arlinda Dudaj suggests the most this summer