The weather will be rainy and sunny today

The weather will be rainy and sunny today

Today our country will be under the influence of relatively unstable atmospheric conditions with moist air masses.

The weather is forecast with alternating medium to heavy clouds in most of the country as well as occasional intervals of clearing.

Rainfall will be present in the early hours of the morning occasionally with low and locally average intensity initially in the northern part and in the center, then the rain will spread in the rest of the area with low intensity. After noon, the rain is expected to stop.

The wind will blow in the southeast-southwest direction with an average speed of 1-7m/s, while on the coast and the valley it gains a speed of 7-12m/sec. Waves in the seas will be of force 2-5.

Temperatures are forecast:

in mountainous areas 14 to 28 °C

in low areas 14 to 30 °C

in coastal areas 18 to 29 °C