The African heat leaves today

The African heat leaves today

Our country experienced a heat wave with high temperatures, which meteorologists say reached the maximum in Berat on Friday at 42.5 ℃.

For June, these values ​​are 12 degrees above normal, while from today and at the beginning of the week there will be a drop in temperatures to values ​​that are within the "normal" monthly climate averages for our country.

For those who will spend Sunday on the coast, the wind will be a bit "problematic" as in the afternoon until the afternoon and mainly today, it will blow at an average speed of 3-7m/s and with gusts up to 10m /s and main direction from the North quadrant.

In recent days, high temperatures have been recorded throughout the country, while Elbasan is ranked among the 3 hottest cities, where the thermometer reached 40 degrees Celsius.

This has increased appearances in the emergency room, while doctors appeal to avoid staying in the sun during peak hours.

Our country was engulfed by extreme heat, due to hot and dry air masses originating from the North African desert, experiencing the phenomenon called "tropical nights".