Rain is expected today!

Rain is expected today!

The weather is expected to be initially clear throughout the territory, and from midday, alternating cloudy skies, which will be more pronounced in the mountainous reliefs in the east. Cloudiness in hilly-mountainous reliefs will be accompanied by low-intensity rain. In the high mountain reliefs, occasional low-intensity rainfall and locally in the form of thunderstorms and downpours accompanied by electrical discharges and hail.

The wind will blow in the northwest-northeast direction with an average speed of 1-6m/s, while along the coastline and the valley it gains a speed of 8-12m/s, causing the waves in the sea to be of force 1-2.

Temperatures are forecast:

in mountainous areas 17 to 34°C

in low areas 17 to 36°C

in coastal areas 21 to 35°C