Anila Basha, publisher and journalist

Anila Basha, publisher and journalist
By Anila Basha/ The suicide with phostoxin poison of Bedrie Loka, the wife, mother of 4 children who was denigrated as a woman on Tik Tok received the next three days of public attention. Online attention with more comments of the female gender, without much effort, on the Internet. I am also doing this, I am protesting, writing and posting this "trial", with the only difference, that I am doing the fifth day of the "miracle". I also have a personal interest, in addition to the professional one. I myself, along with my family members, were bullied in the same way as Bedries. But we didn't kill ourselves. Is it because we don't have Bedria's sedra or her Xemali? Or is it because we don't live in Vadardha of Sukthi in Durrës, where the only possibility to get out of a local moral stigma is death?! I can't say that for sure.

Bedrie Loka, the woman who gave birth to and raised 3 sons: 21 years old, 18 years old, 16 years old and 1 daughter 10 years old, was herself in her 41st year of life. She worked like an animal all day both in the fashion industry and in the village house, where she had to take care of the 4 children and everything else for survival, without her husband, Xhemal, an immigrant.

In December 2022, Bedries opened a fake profile on Tik Tok with her photo, which read: "This is Sukthi factory's k****** Sukthi's this q**** with lek".

Someone loved Bedrie black, the fashion workers, her cousins?! Someone who hated her so much that she strongly branded her on Tik Tok, as the "whore" of the village. Someone who posted derogatory comments and videos to burn her morale. Where? In the village of Vardardhë. In the fashion of Fllaka. Even in Sukthin near Durrës.

Shocked and without support, Bedrija rushed in the last days of 2022 to report this Tik Toku massacre to the Police, begging to find the culprits and close the fake profile that was crushing the children, more than himself.

The police, the prosecutor's office and the fashion industry did not find the culprits for a whole year. The stamp and the comments of the "whore of Sukthi", on the Tik Tok photo of Bedria, remain there for a long time, they were not removed. Bedrie Loka gave up her life, sacrificing herself on January 2, 2024. In the last throes of her breath, she said to her son: "I live in honor... you don't have a mother like they say."


After the depressing death of Bedrie Loka, the second massacre of her began. The search for the guilty, for justice, precisely from those who took Bedrie to the pharmacy to buy the poison. The media coverage of an event coincides, as always, with the state "on foot". All in defense of Bedrie, now that she is dead.

And, then and there, the state of "Sukthi" is professional and categorical. It reveals the "culprit". He arrests Bedrie's husband, inside the house, kills him inside, finds a '97 model automatic in the house where he lived with Bedrie and 4 children. He confiscates his phone. There the sheriff of Sukthi reads miracles. Xhemali used to write threatening messages to Bedria, took her "Tik-Tok" to her. He demanded an account from the "village whore, Xhemal's daughter-in-law". Now then! Here, precisely because of a deep and intensive investigation by the Sukthi Police, the culprit and the weapon of the crime were found. He is Xhemal Loka, who with his phone and his criminal behavior towards his wife, caused her suicide. Meanwhile, Sukthi's cyber experts have been at the end of the investigation for a year and are discovering who opened the TikTok address with the fake profile of Bedrie Lokes.

So, the event was organized. The media was put in the gutter of justice news, with the same uniform style of communication.


If I write something about the indifference of state bodies, the lack of justice in every aspect of it, it will seem like I am repeating the cliché "Serbia does not recognize Kosovo".

I'm trying it differently. If the wife of the Sheriff of Sukthi or the Prosecutor of Durrës, the wife of Metani or Duman, without forgetting the wives of KLJ-ists or KLP-ists, were opened by a fake profile on Facebook or TikTok and labeled as Bedrija, but instead of the Sukthi factory to set up a 'factory of justice, police, prosecution' where the woman who would be condemned committed adultery not for money, but worse 'for fun', what did our magistrate do? What about the Sheriff of Sukthi or that of Durrës?

Would they wait a year waiting for phostoxin? They would criticize the woman with ethical messages, that this public harassment could have something real, or even more civilly, they would selflessly wait for the reaction, as they say "mostly" of the rule of law, even though the married woman had not protested at all with denounce…

Of course, the state would stand up with all of TikTok on its feet in such a case. The state always takes the honor of the wife of the "state".

I remember an episode on the night of Monday, July 21, 2008, in the Albanian parliament:

Sali Berisha: Fundirin will become your sister? Prostitute motels will become?

Taulant Balla: Why aren't you ashamed...

Sali Berisha: Listen, you stinker...do you understand me or not? Your shrill sister…. hotels or motels?

Taulant Balla: O sir, shame on you for what you say.

Taulant Balla accused Sali Berisha a couple of years ago in SPAK, on ​​behalf of Politika. On December 30, 2023, the day when Bedrija bought phostoxin, Sali Berisha was placed under "house arrest". Taulanti sends Pëllumb Molla, his loyal policeman, to Saliu's door to make sure that his "sister's hook" went to his place.

So, it is a matter of honor, not politics or justice as many commentators think of the three-day Sukthi event...

But who will take the hack of Bedria and many others?

That is the question for her killers.