Two reasons why any debate with Berisha and his ilk should be rejected

Two reasons why any debate with Berisha and his ilk should be rejected
By Ardit Rada

Two weeks before the elections, Sali Berisha made the next invention with which he himself first believes that he caught the opponent by surprise. It is about the repeated request for a debate in the media as the opponent has declared him dead, unseasoned for a long time. In these circumstances, the ignoring of Rama and his candidates makes sense as they were clear before Berisha devised this 'tactic'. And in fact, the public opinion itself does not seem to have an interest in the debates of Sali Berisha, who for two years has gone to every city more than five times with his pulpit and recently for campaigning. Add to that the fact that they have been listening to it for 30 years from morning to dinner.

An AMA report on media monitoring provided somewhat shocking figures. I say shocking because when the meter was set for the television channels, the reality is not what they told us. So, the media that is anathematized as captured by Edi Rama, actually broadcast Sali Berisha hundreds of minutes more per week than the prime minister himself, or any other politician. After Berisha, his allies up to Floriana Garo were listed as the people who appear on TV the most, since April 14. This is the first reason why no debate is necessary with the Berisha-Meta-Dule-Ndoka coalition.

Secondly, the candidates of the coalition 'We win together' seem to have the biggest problem with the public and not with the socialist rival. Since the launch of the campaign, mayors from Thessaloniki to Venice, to VIPs like Rita Ora have publicly expressed their support for Erion Veliaj. Recently, even democratic artists who used to fill Sali Berisha's squares, such as Ermal Mamaqi and Çiljeta Xhilaga.