Elia Zaharia reacts for the first time, but not on her event

Elia Zaharia reacts for the first time, but not on her event

A thank you message and that's it, no other comments. Elia Zaharia who appeared in a video in a fight with her ex-husband Prince Leka, turned into an event of the day due to the uproar of the personal video. Many actors of different generations became part of a petition in support of Elia Zaharias. Opinion was divided after the shared video, (the source is still unclear, although Prince Leka through a Royal Palace announcement blamed the police for this discussion) - some in support of Elias and some in support of the Prince.

Elia Zaharia today writes on Instagram: Friends and well-wishers,

I feel and wish to express my deepest gratitude for the support and courage you have given me during these very worrying days for me and my family! I am grateful to all those who sit down and write me heartfelt words, to those who understood and felt my pain! Prominent and honored artists of my country, from the generations that have made us and continue to make us proud and that are a national asset, to the new generations of art and culture in the country, joined in a sensitizing petition in support of a human dignity! I am humbly grateful to you, to the point of tears!

The couple announced their separation in December.

Prince Leka lives in a rented apartment and has left his home after the separation.