The Albanian-American prosecutor: The issue is who leaves America for Albania and not the other way around!

The Albanian-American prosecutor: The issue is who leaves America for Albania

In the journalist Rudina Xhunga's column, 'A window for the Diaspora' came the story of an Albanian prosecutor in the USA. He is Renis Nushaj and he left Albania in August 1997.

Nushaj is also involved in American politics, in the Democratic Party there, and said that he admires those who leave America for Albania, taking the example of Mayor Veliaj, who clearly shows his sympathy for the latter.

"Those who return show great spiritual and mental strength. Because they sacrifice a lot, leave a lot behind, in order to return and contribute to the Motherland. They are to be admired. An example to be admired is Erion Veliaj. I know Erion Veliaj because we lived in a neighborhood in Mihal Grameno. When I was doing my master's degree, he took the generators to the Prime Minister's office. What that boy did required sacrifice, which I did not. He made Tirana that I found the clay only in this studio in the decor. For me he is an example. The reality is that he sacrificed, dropped out of school, the opportunities that the US gives you, which are endless and simple. Erion Veliaj, who left everything behind to come to Albania, this act is to be admired. It is not easily achieved. We who are there, with all our desires, have not made that sacrifice, we appreciate what Erion Veliaj has done, but also many other Albanians. Who lives in America, has the ability to get ahead with work. We have all moved forward in our professions, in our businesses, because we were only looking for work. If you worked there, dedicated yourself to your profession or business, you will achieve something. This is inevitable. Erion Veliaj returned and the whole country sees his work. I don't know much about Albania, but I know about Tirana. I left it differently and I found it differently. It was different in 2005 when I came back and it is even more different today. In 2005 Tirana was mud in every corner, today the reality is very different. Tirana has developed in every corner. In this neighborhood where you have your studio today, I used to go out with my grandfather, we would take the road to Botanika and my grandfather would collect flowers for my grandmother because it was just a field. While today, it's a city by itself, so much so that I lost my way, I didn't even find the house I used to have. Every corner is paved and fixed. They seem like small things, but for a country of 3 million people, which has a small economy, they are big achievements. For those who live in Tirana, they seem like small things because the eye can see the problems, but when you stay outside for a long time, you only see the improvements. An example: Erion Veliaj could be a lawyer in the USA and I the mayor of Tirana. The sacrifices he made give him this kind of result. My sacrifices are limited based on the life I have there. I live very well, maybe better than Erion Veliaj, but the product of his work is more distinct than the product of my work. In my opinion, the work done by Erion Veliaj and all those who have returned, is a great value for the whole country,

I analyzed Erion Veliaj because he was the closest example, he is of my generation. I reason individually, analyze his steps as a person. Veliaj could have the same career as me, he could be even more successful than me in America. So he made a great sacrifice. His steps are positive and an extreme sacrifice, beyond all normal. He left a comfortable life in America and returned to Albania to change Tirana. He deserves to be appreciated for the sacrifice he made," said the prosecutor on DritareTv.