Elseid Hysaj is not to blame

Elseid Hysaj is not to blame

Hysaj's crucifixion on the net is one of the reminders that the Internet society, even when it is right about something, is ruthless to the point of absurdity.

Hysaj and the defense didn't work and it was a bad day, but football is a team game, neither losing nor winning depends on one person. If the victory depended on one person, for example, wouldn't we have won with a talent like Broja?!!!

So what is happening in the network is once again the price of freedom and online opinions of every person who becomes a coach, attacker, goalkeeper and defender.

What happened in the match with Italy should serve as a lesson for the matches with Croatia and Spain.

Coach Sylvinjo should be asked about what happened in Dortmund, and why he chose that defense, that game and structure.

Meanwhile, Elseid Hysaj has closed his addresses on social networks due to the pressure and the flood of attacks against him.

Venting your frustration on a single person does not solve or undo what happened. Hysaj may not be in his star, he may be the name of the defeat, but not its big cause.

It remains to be seen what Sylvinjo will do in the match against Croatia. Will there be a reflection and have lessons been learned from the match with Italy?

Let's wish luck to the Reds and Blacks, and support them even on difficult days. This is community and the spirit of patriotism. Hate doesn't get you anywhere.