I'm a Gen Z employee who just started my first full-time job. I was shocked by the 9-5 schedule

I'm a Gen Z employee who just started my first full-time job. I was shocked

This article is about Piper Hansen, a 23-year-old who just started her first full-time job in Louisville, Kentucky.

I really like the work I do, but it's hard not to think that it takes up most of my life. I've only been working full-time for a few months since graduating in the spring, and I'm already feeling overwhelmed by the pace.

How can I make sure I eat well, see my friends and make time for my hobbies? How am I supposed to fit my entire life into a 9-5 work schedule?

I usually wake up around 7 am, and I'm at work from 10 am to 7 pm When I get home after work, there's very little time to walk the dog and cook dinner. I'm only home for a few hours before getting ready for bed around 11pm

Is life supposed to be like this?

Finally, there has been a discussion on the web, sparked by a viral video in which a Gen Z worker lamented the lack of time to live life with the demands of a 40-hour work week. Some people were sensitive, saying they felt the same way.

Some commentators said that Gen Z is soft and should be prepared and get used to it, because this is the way.

It's really depressing to live like this

I try to schedule time to do things with my friend who lives nearby, but one of us is always tired from the day's work or has to get up early the next morning.

It feels like there's only time to work and go home to rest before work starts again — it's weird. This is not how people are supposed to live.

Maybe if more of us realize this, we can change things. The best is possible. I wish there were more options for working hours.

Actually, it's not that I don't like my job, because I do. But it feels like it takes part in most of my life.

I wish there were more opportunities for schedules that are conducive to actually having a life outside of work. I don't want my 45 years to be the same as these last few months, that I've come home to have dinner, rested, and then gone back to work. I want to live my life too.

I want to have a more flexible life, where I can go to the office for a meeting in the morning, then eat lunch at home and have time to do some errands in the afternoon. I want to have the opportunity to work remotely more.