New memberships in SP, Veliaj: The best, the most talented join us. Other parties have a mind to show who is the 'boss'

New memberships in SP, Veliaj: The best, the most talented join us. Other

Talented young people have chosen to join the Socialist Party and become part of the largest party in the country. From Unit 13, the Political Leader of SP for Tirana District, Erion Veliaj handed over the membership cards to the young people, as he underlined that the socialist family welcomes anyone who has new ideas and wants to contribute to the development of the country.

"This card is your membership in a family. In a family that, unlike our small families, where we can only decide on the square meters where we live, this is the family that decides on those 28,000 square meters of Albania. Because when the Socialist Party governs, it makes decisions from Vermoshi to Konispol. When he governs Tirana, he makes important decisions in the City Council for the nursery, for the kindergarten, for the 9-year school at the Botanical Garden, for the school, the gymnasium at the Olympic Park, as the power that comes from the vote. When you are in our family, you are in that family that decides that those needs of the community are translated into votes, those votes are translated into decisions, those decisions are translated into projects, those projects become jobs and works for the community. This is the difference", said Veliaj.

He added that he is proud that every day more and more the best are joining the socialist party. "I've met chicks and chicks with all 10 chicks and chicks who are presidents of their high schools and want to be part of our party."

Then, Veliaj said that the Socialist Party is victorious because it sits together with the people and behaves like a family, not as a party that will order and show who is the boss.

“We are not victorious in treating others like bosses, we are in fact victorious in treating others like servants and being there for every need of the community. Great people are those who are humble, who deal with people's problems, who understand people's problems, and who use the great victory, not to sell their minds and act like a boss, but also as an instrument for finished some work and to tell people: We will follow these demands, as long as we have the heels and as long as the Socialist Party is in power, every day and every night, until we make sure that we keep all the promises as we have been until today", said Veliaj.