Towards consensus failure for President, PD withdraws from the third and final round of qualified majority voting

Towards consensus failure for President, PD withdraws from the third and final

Political parties are leading to the failure of even the last chance for a consensual president, which could come as a proposal from the opposition. Scheduled for Monday, the third and final round of the election of the President by a qualified majority vote in the Assembly is not expected to have a different fate from the previous two rounds which were burned without any candidate.

Today's political developments speak of a withdrawal of the opposition from involvement in the process, which in the fourth round warns of a President proposed and voted by a simple majority of votes from the majority.

The Socialist Party gave another opportunity to the opposition in the third round to be represented with its names but the Group of Deputies led by Enkeljed Alibeaj has decided not to give other names after the 4 candidates who are an imposition for the Socialist Party:

"That variant does not apply to the President of the Republic. We have said that a closed list of four candidacies is an imposition, we will not allow it. "Rama has been very direct that we exclude a President from the parliament hall, from the politics of the day", argued today the head of the Socialist Parliamentary Group Taulant Balla who still leaves the door open for the opposition to bring candidates until Sunday.

Alibeaj reiterated today that everything was built at the beginning of the process, although prejudiced by Democrats, it was undermined immediately after the revelation of these 4 names.

"Rama withdrew as soon as the names became public. We did our job. We fulfill our moral, human obligation. The President of the Republic tomorrow needs to have full legitimacy. The other side withdrew. Since this agreement falls, what do we do. "Even at 12 o'clock at night, my mind was changing, we are ready to gather", said Alibeaj.

How to reinforce the withdrawal, the DP represented by the group led by Enkelejd Alibeaj came out with a statement explaining the reasons why according to her the invitation to participate in the process is a facade and that the SP has designed the name to be elected head of state.

"The obligation to the citizens required the opposition to fulfill its responsibility with seriousness and commitment in order for the next President to be the President of all Albanians, despite the fact that this was not the will of Edi Rama, the man who after stealing the elections, grabs the votes of its nongrats in the Assembly each independent institution. The withdrawal of the Socialist Party from the agreement for the construction of a joint parliamentary process for the election of the President, proved what the PD Parliamentary Group warned from the beginning, that Edi Rama does not want a President of all Albanians and his public conspiracies for consensus with the opposition they are a hoax, "said the PD in the afternoon.

In this way, the parties are being divided every week more and more into diametrically opposed positions so that a last-hour consensus seems almost mission impossible.