Rama's four hottest moments in "Opinion"

Rama's four hottest moments in "Opinion"

Prime Minister Rama gave an interview in Opinion yesterday evening. Some of the key moments of the interview are summarized below.

1-Irony and conflict for SPAK

A clash with Fevziu for SPAK where the journalist implied that even the prime minister himself does not know where to stand. Rama responded by bringing to attention Saimir Kodra's "Stop" show, which has recently been in the center of the network for several statements about sexual harassment.

Debate :

Fevziu : You call yourself the saviors of Albania?

Rama : I call the Socialist Party the savior of Albania.

Fevziu : Wait, I have the part back, we have to wait for SPAK to save Albania.

Rama : Even SPAK, which is a part of the dissolution of Albania, is the work of the SP's vision, power and will to give life to SPAK. If it wasn't for this will, there would be no SPAK in Albania. Don't forget this. SPAK is part of Albania's rescue instruments in the sense of closing it...

Fevziu : To whom now we don't know what to do to close the ca...

Rama : You can do these at Orange or Saimiri. Not with me.

Fevziu : Why not with you?

Rama : Not with me. You can't say these things to me when I'm present in front of the cameras, because it's not that I don't know where to go, but on the contrary, I'm more clear and convinced today that we're going in the right direction.

2- Gazmend Bardhi to Olsi Rama for involvement in the cocaine group and Rama's response

Edi Rama: According to their data, before my brother was involved in a drug case, I was involved in the biggest drug, criminal, money laundering, all black issues. And it is their data, said and repeated endlessly.

When you are faced with such a question, there are two ways, the one that comes to you in Albanian. When you look at a human face that is a well-known face to public opinion and public opinion is very clear about the integrity of that face, you come to give him an Albanian answer: The brother of what made your head.

But this is not the place to say it here.

When they harass you to this point and remind you that the biggest burden of this job is to see your family abused in every way, your daughter, when you see your son, your wife, your father being abused, that is the biggest burden weight that carries in this task.

It is the main image of a transfiguration in all aspects that that group embodies. Because, in this particular case, the same face has said extreme things about the son of the one who went into his lap. It's low-level politics.

3- Rama's answer to Arben Ahmetaj

Blendi Fevziu: You said that Mr. Berisha is accusing me, now it appears that Mr. Ahmetaj is accusing you.

Edi Rama : Which God took which God, may God help him. I talked about the criminal charges against family members because of the political fight with me, if my rhetoric bothers you, do better. How is it going to the family? I have not done this. There may have been moments when I had the last word…

Blendi Fevziu : Do you have a comment about Ahmetaj's accusation, which says that you were the person who ordered writings and shows. He was your political man. Do you have a comment?

Edi Rama : I won't run away from the question if you give me the opportunity to answer. I don't comment on all justice matters, imagine commenting on a man who is wanted by justice. What comment do you want me to make about a man who is wanted by justice? Ore is not. Since the time of the Romans, this work has been divided. He is a man wanted by justice. If you are interested in knowing about the treatment of the subject. A man in search of justice I do not answer. The fact that a man is searching speaks volumes. A person who is wanted by justice does not have to be wanted.

4 - Sazan Island

Edi Rama: It is about bringing higher level tourism, which, unlike mass tourism, does not pollute. It brings in enough income for 100 backpackers, who are also welcome. We have discussed vision, nothing concrete. What is the vision that I have as a representative of the government for Sazan. The goal is to create an example of how to invest in harmony with nature.

To the question of whether the government will accept the proposal of Trump's son-in-law to "rebuild" the relationship with the latter, Rama answered:

Edi Rama: I have a good one that is also bad. It depends how you see it. I say what I think and I mean what I say. I said what I thought at that time, when the American president, a candidate at the time, became president and everyone celebrated as if they had come to power.

I have no relationship to rebuild with President Trump, because I had a very good relationship with him.