Mayor: Thanks to the SP leadership, this country is like night and day. Meta and Argita protesting is hypocrisy

Mayor: Thanks to the SP leadership, this country is like night and day. Meta and

The head of the Municipality of Tirana Erion Veliaj commented on the Real Story show about the investigations against former officials of the Municipality. Veliaj described the accusations against justice by Meta and Berisha as hypocrisy. He emphasized that he and the prime minister have no complex that this country, thanks to the leadership of the SP, is like night and day with what it was during the right-wing government.
"What the prime minister and I agree on is the fact that today we have built an Albania that is no longer the same as it was 10 years ago, a Tirana that is no longer the same as it was 10 years ago and a justice that is not more like 10 years ago, even a tourism, economy, or international relations. Today, an Albanian raises his head even when tourists come to him, even when he takes out his passport and should not lie and feel proud, even for the football team. So neither I nor the prime minister have the point of the complex that this country thanks to the leadership of the SP is day and night. Day and night, even in justice, the only thing I'm saying is that there is no one who is 100% black and 100% white. To go before the municipality and ask for the resignation of Ilir Meta who today is on the border between a clinical condition and a hysterical condition. He does not know which penal or health institutions he goes to. Let Argita come with style ala Mjaft me 'release the father', so SPAK and this Altin Rama, as Saliu says, a mean man when he arrests the father, but he did well with these members of the municipality. This seems to me a very big hypocrisy", said Veliaj.
The mayor said that it will be justice that will have the last word for the former officials, while he emphasized that the time of DP has passed when those who sought justice were kept in the prime minister's antechamber. "If we want to do in 2024, for the prime minister and the mayor to behave like security agents and then for all journalists to behave like SHIK-sa, is this a party or is this a prime minister who closed the Voice of the People, even if it didn't remind people, the fact that you are retouched by that party the moment your foot slips a little. What I'm saying is not defensive and I'm not throwing a defensive cover, I'm just saying about 99 wonderful jobs of this city, even the road that came here, where these chunas have been shot with bullets by the occupiers of this road deserve gratitude. There is an issue that needs to be clarified, what connections they had with this company. No one is being accused that the work was not done, nor any state damage, the question is the father-in-law, mother-in-law, did they have an affair? And that's why the three cuna are in Fier, while we are here in Tirana. And this is the difference between those who did not keep their bags in custody, but kept them in the prime minister's antechamber," said Veliaj.