Minister Manja accuses deputy Shehaj of being a tax evader! Here is the clash of statements

Minister Manja accuses deputy Shehaj of being a tax evader! Here is the clash of

In yesterday's plenary session, there was a clash between minister Ulsi Manja and DP deputy Agron Shehaj. Manja has accused Shehaj of sponsoring malicious portals and writings against Albania. While Shehaj has accused Manja of deceiving citizens about the Amnesty law.

Ulsi Manja's statement: Now that the amnesty received 116 votes, you appear to us as the knight of the war against corruption, when in fact this state should deal with you, because you are the biggest evasive person in the country who sponsors portals and writings that bring water to the mill of malicious states of Albania. The day will not be far when your face from the angel and the great knight of democracy and the fight against corruption in this country will come out as it really is. About the amnesty, I will give an answer one week today to you and all those who have joined all these days to manipulate public opinion. This is why I reacted from the country that I love Albania more than others. You will receive an answer on Thursday, but be careful the next time you point the finger at the Minister of Justice and Ulsi Manja personally. That when Asllan Dogjani and I were fighting organized crime gangs to establish the state, build your own life for fun. I will give an answer today and this week about the amnesty and the work you are doing.

Shehaj's statement: The minister and the government have lied to public opinion in the most immoral way. Three weeks ago he declared that no corrupt person will benefit, then SPAK says they have benefited. You Manja, don't lose your mind because no one expects resignation. I'm a thief?! You free the corrupt?! You mean it's not true? You are a man, resign. Come here and lie, cheater, resign. You don't like lying here. You like to lie.

Manja can't be heard because the microphone is turned off, but from the chair he waves to him that he will rip your ears off.

Agron Shehaj: You, Minister of Justice, who frees the corrupt, will pull my ears off. There is no point in lying.

In response, Minister Manja from the floor of the assembly said that he would give an answer next week for all the accusations.