Monika Kryemadhi in Opinion: Ilir Meta and I are in a frozen marital relationship. There are some who think that it becomes a political career by destroying families

Monika Kryemadhi in Opinion: Ilir Meta and I are in a frozen marital

Monika Kryemadhi spoke in Opinion about her relationship with Ilir Meta. Kryemadhi has stated that their marital relationship is currently frozen due to the conflict with the party.

Blendi Fevziu: The last question is personal, although you choose to answer it or not. How is your marital relationship with Ilir Meta?

Monika Kryemadhi: My marital relationship with Meta is a relationship that is frozen for the moment due to the conflict in the party, that of course within our family, the small family, people have intervened who think that by destroying positions or family ties they will have a political career . I think that it is not the first time that Ilir Meta and I have these conflicts. We don't have these principled, moral conflicts between each other. Our conflicts are only political conflicts.

Blendi Fevziu: Which are also reflected in private life.

Monika Kryemadhi: They are definitely reflected because if we are two people who work from morning until dinner in politics, of course the relationship is daily in the family as well. What impresses me and what I always say is that a person will learn as long as he lives. The greatest foolishness in both men and women lies when they think that they can build their happiness and power by destroying the happiness and family of someone else, but this does not happen. Why doesn't it happen? It doesn't because the moral relationship is much more important than the financial relationship.

On the other hand, Ilir Meta appeared in an interview on Syri TV and when asked about Monika, he answered: Monika is paying Luli's costs because she trusted Luli. She is not paying the costs that her husband caused her. The man who cost Monika Kryemadhi is Lulzim Basha, Albania's chief fraudster. That said, if Luli betrayed me, I will kill him. Luli is as fat as an apple, holding the stamp of the Democratic Party hostage. Luli does not deserve to be called a man, but he is a master deceiver.