Olta Xhaçka speaks about the accusations before the Assembly: This is a scam where I have become meat for the ball

Olta Xhaçka speaks about the accusations before the Assembly: This is a

Olta Xhaçka spoke at the session in the Assembly, related to the discussion about her mandate. She stated that she has not gained anything by using the position and all her assets are private and verifiable.

Olta Xhaçka: Trials of prosecutors and judges have been taking place for a long time without a license, but with a license to slander. To trample on my dignity. I didn't answer. I thought about whether I should surrender the mandate to escape lynching. I have thought about where I went wrong, I can say that I neither exercised influence to gain, nor did I gain anything. They are slander. To put a lid on it, the rags of the opposition are discussing whether there will be a vote today to keep me standing or not. The GJK dismissed my case.
Since this absurdity was reached because of the accusations brought against me, and today's vote is related to my mandate, I will not comment and let my colleagues discuss and decide freely. It is not silent about the guilt given by the court of zero degree. I do not want to speak today that the aforementioned will change their attitude, but I want my voice to be heard. No one will find a single word coming out of me, against the organs of justice. So in January 2023, my case was examined by the CJK for 8 hours, administering the evidence and facts, the real ones, not those of TV shows.
This is a zallamahi where I have become meat for the ball.

It talks about investments made thanks to favors made by the government. Everything, from start to finish, is a permit to use the beach, of which my husband is a part. He is an entrepreneur before becoming an MP. We could not continue this commitment. Neither I nor my husband has benefited from the state. The enterprise is 100% private. Verifiable. No law has been broken. I have no conflict of interest.