Pedro Sanchez: We will know Palestine before the summer

Pedro Sanchez: We will know Palestine before the summer

Spain will recognize the state of Palestine before the summer, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced before his three-day visit to the Middle East.

Sanchez said that between the months of April and June, important developments will be experienced in the international community regarding the clashes between Israel and Hamas.

The Spanish Prime Minister has announced that in the coming weeks, care should be taken with discussions aimed at recognizing Palestine as a full member of the United Nations (UN).

Announcing that the joint decision made with the prime ministers of Ireland, Malta and Slovenia regarding the recognition of the Palestinian state will be implemented before the summer, Sanchez emphasized that his country will take the decision on the recognition of Palestine in the Council of Ministers and then will present it to the Parliament.

Sanchez stressed that he thinks that in the war between Israel and Hamas, the recognition of Palestine is the only way that guarantees peace and security in the region.