The re-establishment protest on the day of the Municipal Council, Veliaj: Do not block the awarding of the title of "Honorary Citizen" to Ali Ahmet and the economic aid

The re-establishment protest on the day of the Municipal Council, Veliaj: Do not

Mayor Erion Veliaj appeals to Re-establishment and PL not to block the decision-making on the granting of honorary citizenship to Ali Ahmeti and economic assistance for people in need at the next meeting of the municipal council. In an interview for Report TV, Veliaj commented on Berisha's and Meta's call to protest again in front of the Municipality of Tirana, on the day when the Municipal Council will make some very important decisions for the city.

"On that day we have important decisions, they are mainly economic aid decisions, the distribution of money for some houses that were accidentally burned, there are 26 houses in the rent bonus for the earthquake and we have a big, symbolic decision for the awarding of the title" Honorary Citizen' for Ali Ahmet. If they want to become the gas of the world, not only in Albania, but also in the region, and block the decision-making for the awarding of honorary citizenship to Ali Ahmeti, or hinder the economic aid, let them do it, but I can say that the city has managed decision-making of the Municipal Council even in the pandemic, even after the earthquake, so, this kind of insanity does not hinder the life of the city. As I said, it's a rabbit hutch and despite my insistence that we take people to the Zoo, their insistence to bring the Zoo here is their right, we live in a democracy, there is no problem", said Veliaj .

The Mayor also commented on the participation of Argita Berisha and Klevis Balliu in the protest.

"When you hear the daughter of Saliu, the daughter of Safet, the daughter of Fariu saying "down with the communists", but I have only been raised since I was 10 years old, while they are still known by the name of their parents, the son and daughter of so-and-so. I believe that Tirana always belongs more and more to those who grew up on their own and did things with hard work and sweat, rather than those who inherited them from mom and dad", said Veliaj.

The head of the Municipality said that Berisha and Meta are making noise to remove the fear of the next loss.

"In the movie 'Ben Walks Alone', Ben screamed and screamed in the forest to take away his own fear, not to scare others. They make noise to relieve themselves of the fear of the next loss, but they do not harm the city. Of course, they end up in the Instagrams and reels of tourists. I am trying my best to bring tourists to the Zoo, they are trying their best to turn the Zoo into the center of Tirana, but this is their choice. So we don't interrupt the life of the city", declared Veliaj.