Veliaj: I am neither accused nor under investigation. Meanwhile, we look at characters like Donald Trump who have 33 lawsuits

Veliaj: I am neither accused nor under investigation. Meanwhile, we look at

Mayor Erion Veliaj was invited to "Real Story" where he spoke about the accusations made by critics. Veliaj said that justice has the last word while adding that he is neither accused nor under investigation.

"I myself am neither accused nor under investigation. Meanwhile, we look at characters like Donald Trump who have 33 lawsuits. Here the question is, will justice speak or will analysts speak, or those people who have not done anything in their life and give comments. I believe that justice must speak and this execution with advance payment of people, their characters, their family, their reputation, is something we have to mature and mature with as a society. At this stage where we are, the team is totally renewed, while we will have some other processes. We are in communication about how we will get for each of the enterprises of the municipality the ISO certificate, to make sure that all the procedures, according to what the ISO certificate evaluates as in the EU and many other modern countries, will also be an additional standard and I I believe that everyone learns from such situations. I have learned my lessons. Now I'm at the stage where we will build some new systems and new fuses for the system. But I can say that Tirana will not stop and we will leave this city many times better than we found it", he declared.

The Mayor emphasized that time has shown that the city moves forward when everyone is filled with positive energy and does not hinder each other.

"Of course, every team needs to get its own rhythm when there is a replacement. All substitutions have been made in our team. We are a team of 11,700 people spread over 70 different departments. There are endless sectors where work is being done and the future construction sites will be, shall we say, our real test and the real test of the durability of what we have built.

The New Tirana of the next 100 years will certainly be part of the boulevard. I believe we are in the last court session for the Botanical Garden, I can't wait to start that project, I'm sure there will be similar battles there too. That's why I believe that the real test will be the pace of these works. As soon as the 'Xezmi Delli' school was opened, with EU funding, we will soon open the "Emin Duraku" school, great news for the entire Block area and the children who are forced to go to other schools such as 'Vasil Shanto' and ' January 11' and in the final the jobs will be the ones that will resist any debate.

Most people are people who go about their jobs, see their families, work fairly, of course they also make their mistakes and only the one who works understands the plight of the one who works. A person who does not work and has not achieved anything in life certainly cannot understand what a complex organization with so many people and with so many distributions of work means. In the end, I say justice will have to speak, but as we arrive at that day, we should not waste a single day holding our heads back, but moving forward. This city today has the stamp of everyone's contribution, even those who may have things to clarify and those who are neither under investigation nor accused, but this city moves forward only when we all fill it with good energy. We are tearing each other apart and turning this into a banal battle with molotovs, molotovs are not ideas, and molotovs are not the language of 2024, next year Tirana will be the Mediterranean capital of Culture and Dialogue, this year the municipality of Tirana leads all municipalities of the region, for years he was of Sport and Youth", he said.