The first show in the "Max Velo" cinema, Veliaj: It will enliven life in Laprakë

The first show in the "Max Velo" cinema, Veliaj: It will enliven life

The "Max Velo" cinema has returned to the citizens of Laprak as a new space that pulses art and culture for the community of the area. The head of the Municipality of Tirana, Erion Veliaj said that the investments in art and culture will extend further and will fill the peripheral areas of the capital with life. According to the mayor, these investments also serve to increase the value of property for citizens.

The first show in the "Max Velo" cinema, Veliaj: It will enliven life

"My expectation is that here we will have a healthy competition with the cinema "Agimin" and compile a list of activities. The center of a city is where there is life. If there is life here, then this is the center of Tirana and if we are going to fill the cinema with life, I am convinced that the activities of "Skënderbej" square will seem peripheral, compared to the quality of products that we can see and enjoy here. Ingrid Bergman used to say that cinema has the ability to enter the most unimaginable nooks, crannies and corners of the human soul. I really hope that this magical 'weapon', in our country - which we have to admit, there is a lot of toxins, poison, rumors and a lot of waste of time - will make us appreciate the beautiful and focus on the energy of a good work", he said. says the head of the Municipality.

According to him, investments in art and culture have made Tirana the Mediterranean Capital of Culture and Dialogue for the coming year. He said that this title will serve as an impetus for other spaces to be recovered and turned into assets for the neighborhoods and communities of the capital.

"Last year we had 17 Netflix films, in different languages, that shot at least one part of the film in Tirana. All of a sudden we are seeing that art also produced economy. There are many people who say: "Hey, we have other problems, we need some asphalt there". When we came here for the first time, there was no talk of asphalt, but today we discuss how many buildings we have left without wearing hoods, while the new cinema is ready to breathe life into the community. We will not lack support for art and culture. The reason of being the Mediterranean Capital of Culture and Dialogue will give us even more impetus to find other buildings to turn into cinemas and art spaces", said Veliaj.

He mentioned some of the infrastructure investments made in Unit 11 and the construction sites that are still in progress. Veliaj said that the "Max Velo" cinema will be the biggest spiritual investment, after other rehabilitated physical spaces in the Laprak area.

"We have just opened the other site at Kthesa e Kamza, and we just finished the Lundra site. The bus station for Southeast Albania is finished, now we need to make one for West Albania, North and South. The Kamza turn will be a connection between the train station and the bus station. I believe that when the nurseries, kindergartens, new schools are built - Lapraka has some of the most modern schools that were built recently - when the highway roads are built and the next extension is expected, I believe that investing in the soul is probably the most important investment big after other physical spaces", said Veliaj.

The "Max Velo" cinema aims for this area of ​​the city to gain vitality through the art of cinema, enabling the screening of Albanian and foreign films in cinema halls, the ideation and implementation of educational programs for children, creative activities, etc.