How problems with internal organs are reflected in the face

How problems with internal organs are reflected in the face

The skin is what shows certain symptoms whenever something goes wrong in the body, and this is especially visible on the face.

Chinese medicine teaches us that each area of ​​our face is connected to specific organs of the body, and the face shows when we suffer from a lack of balance, or when we suffer from some other disease.

The forehead is connected to the intestines. If you have problems with this part of the body, try to consume as much raw food as possible, plenty of water and avoid alcohol.

Between the eyebrows is the area that reflects the liver. Try to stay in the fresh air. Do yoga, practice walking and other exercises.

Next to the eyebrows, the kidneys are reflected . If you have problems with this organ, you should reduce the amount of caffeine, avoid sweet drinks and alcohol. Drink as much water as possible.

The nose is connected to the heart . Check your cholesterol level and blood pressure regularly. Drink green tea.

The upper part of the cheeks (cheekbones) are connected to the lungs. If you have problems, quit smoking and start doing physical activities.

The mouth and chin are the areas connected to the stomach . Consume as much fruit and healthy foods as possible. If you continue to have problems consult your doctor.