Tirana hosts 50 companies in the field of health, free examinations and consultations for citizens in "Skënderbej" square

Tirana hosts 50 companies in the field of health, free examinations and

For the first time, 50 companies that offer services in fields such as pharmaceuticals, dentistry, clinical and hospital services, dermocosmetics, aesthetics, dietology, fitness, supplements will come together on September 9 and 10 in "Skënderbej" square.

During the 2 days of the fair, "Health Wellness and Beauty Expo", organized by "Brainstorm", citizens will have the opportunity to be informed about health, carry out free examinations and consultations, receive advice and consultancy on the importance of healthy life, activity their physical, nutritional and mental well-being.

Pharmaceutical companies participating in this activity will offer the measurement of vitamins and the suggestion of supplements, the measurement of blood sugar and the measurement of blood pressure, giving the relevant advice to health professionals. Citizens will also have the opportunity to be introduced to the most innovative products in the dermoesthetic field.

Medical clinics will offer services and promotional packages with Albanian and foreign doctors who are in cooperation with their hospital structures. Dental companies will offer free consultations to citizens and referrals to relevant clinics.

Providing promotional packages and presenting dental equipment and products. Citizens will have the opportunity to perform a skin test and be suggested for personalized treatments with international standards. Also, personalized diets for weight loss or weight gain will be available, as well as free consultations with nutritionists who will help with questions and ambiguities of citizens.