Scorching heat/ How hot is too hot for the human body?

Scorching heat/ How hot is too hot for the human body?

The last few days it seems like the world is burning. The week we spent was the week of hell.

Temperatures above 50 degrees have been recorded in China and the US.

This wave has been considered the cause of 60,000 deaths across Europe.

No wonder the United Nations has warned that we now live in an era of global warming.

But how hot is too hot for the body?

Prof Bailey, researcher experimented with different temperatures and their impact on the human body.

Heart rate increases significantly at 40 degrees Celsius. One liter more blood is pumped per minute compared to a temperature of 21 degrees.

This extra strain on the heart is why there is an increase in deaths from heart attacks and strokes when temperatures rise.

And as the blood travels through the skin it's my brain that gets lost. Blood flow decreases and so does short-term memory.

The main purpose of the body remains to maintain the core temperature at about 37 degrees.

The body works hard to maintain this core temperature.

However, moisture remains essential.

When there are high levels of humidity in the air, it is more difficult for sweat to evaporate. This increases the risk that the body's temperature will rise and organs will fail.