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The last of the surrealists

Ka shumë gjëra që nuk i dimë, jetojmë në injorancë, në besëtytni. Çfarë janë pafundësia, koha, hapësira? Çfarë janë e tashmja, e shkuara, e ardhmja? A ka trup dhe shpirt apo shpirt me trup?
The last of the surrealists

A magical, indeed psycho-magical festival, a part of which is a master like Alejandro Jodorowsky in a place that has always attracted pacifists, intellectuals and artists, such as the meeting at "Monte Verità". Jodorowsky, born in 1929, is called the last of the surrealists.

What is the connection between the environment, trees and war?
Atomic bombs, great cataclysms, fertile lands being polluted: how stupid we humans are. War is a product of human idiocy. While a tree is the cry of pleasure emitted by the planet revolving around the sun. There are other types of trees, such as genealogical trees, human family trees. It bothers me that we depend on human stupidity. A solution to the war in Ukraine must be found as soon as possible. An atomic conflict, for example between the US and China, would last very little and destroy the entire planet.

What is dark about the world we live in?
If the world is to be saved, it will be saved thanks to women. Women are slowly taking over human culture, after centuries under the warring hoof of men, they are making a revolution. Is it man who makes war, and women plant trees, genealogical trees, reproduce human beings in their wombs, are they able to raise children without men, will they be able to have children without men? There are many things we do not know, we live in ignorance, in superstition. What are infinity, time, space? What are the present, the past, the future? Is there a body and a soul or a soul with a body?

Your conference will also have a spiritual dimension: What is God?
God is a miracle. And why not think that God is also a female deity and God's son is actually a daughter?

In this context, when we are looking for answers, what role do films, books, art, magic, psychomania play?
Let's get to the experiences, leaving aside the beliefs. We play with them, but we cannot give them the status of truth. Politics, religion, economy are legends, they are myths, but they can be lived in different ways. I mean here the therapeutic power of imagination, the application of which is psychomagic, for the paradoxical actions we can take to change perspective, in search of silence. We talk, we talk, but the truth sometimes lies in silence. And for love. There are no women and men, it is the desire to be first a couple and then a tribe, there is a body that will touch with sweetness, care, love, even if today the body has become taboo.

What's on top of the Holy Mountain, quoting one of your most famous films?
A holy and golden eye that, just by looking, creates. It is the divine eye, which sees and creates. We do not yet have this power. The meaning of life is life itself. Death does not exist, it is just a transformation and we must learn to use it. Not as wars that destroy, but as enlightenment.

How to say hello?
I'm flying away.

*Alejandro Jodorowsky is a Chilean-French director, best known for his 1970s films "El Topo" and "The Holy Mountain". Jodorowsky is "revered by cult cinema enthusiasts" for his work that is filled with surreal imagery and a hybrid mix of mysticism and religious provocation. The interview was translated by Erjon Uka.