Vera Gemma, Giuliano's daughter: In my family it was worse to get fat than to drink heroin

Vera Gemma, Giuliano's daughter: In my family it was worse to get fat than

"For my parents, aesthetics was a real obsession, it was forbidden to gain weight. It was even easier for them to become addicted to heroin."

This is what actress Vera Gemma, Giuliano's daughter (who died in 2013), tells us.

In recent days, she is promoting the documentary "Summer" at the Venice Film Festival. He also received awards for this documentary.

It will be in Italian cinemas from March 23.

The documentary focuses on the story of an actress - a kind of autobiography of Gemma - who lives in the shadow of a charismatic father. She experiences superficial and complex relationships with men who take advantage of her.

"Basically in this film I play my part. It is me with my fragility, my weaknesses, my strength, with that sense of inadequacy that has always characterized my life. The constant comparison with my father's beauty made me suffer. They were always used against me in auditions. But you don't look like your father at all, they told me. Beauty has always conditioned my life. Mom wanted me and my perfect, athletic, thin sister. We could not gain weight. Maybe my parents should have encouraged me to be more myself," she says today.

"Recently, it must be said, I feel less ugly, I accept myself more and I also understand that men like me. However, all my life I've had the feeling of guilt that I'm not as beautiful as my father, but not everyone can live up to an ideal model.' Thanks to the movie "Vera" - she says - "for the first time I stripped completely naked, without any shame and without being afraid to show who I am".