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3 colors that make your home look bigger

3 colors that make your home look bigger

We all want the best color combination in our home. While some colors may look attractive, they can make your room look cluttered and cramped. Therefore, it is always a wise choice to go with colors that may not look as vibrant but will make your home look bigger, especially if you have smaller rooms.

So the next time you decide to paint your house, choose from these 3 colors.

The White one

You can never go wrong with white. This classic and simple color adds depth to your room making it look bigger and more spacious. If you're struggling for space in your new home, just trust the white and watch the color work its magic.

Light blue

Like white, shades of light blue give your room a zooming effect. Light colors tend to add depth and make the room appear spacious. So if white is not your color of choice, light blue will also do the job for you. If you want, you can combine the two in your home and see how it goes.


This color of life makes your rooms look bigger in an instant. However, it can sometimes be a tricky color to play because of the vibrancy. So, make sure that before you go for this bold choice, you know what kind of furniture you will combine it with. A small mistake can leave your home in a complete mess.