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4 rules to clean the house quickly and well

4 rules to clean the house quickly and well

Implement a cleaning strategy

Before you start cleaning, collect the objects scattered around the house and put each one in its place. If you have dinner guests, start in the kitchen and living room: wash the dishes, then clean the sink and stove with a sponge dampened in water and vinegar. Dampen a cloth with alcohol or your usual cleaner and quickly wipe the surfaces of the kitchen cabinets and table. Allow the dishes to dry on a tea towel and put them back after cleaning.

Set order

When time is limited it is better to aim for the big picture and pay less attention to the details. Remember that when there is order and everything is in its place, the visual effect reinforces an impression of harmony. Are there toys everywhere? Take a basket or a large container and put it in the children's room, and you will find it easier to put things in order.

In 15 minutes, wipe off the dust. You can use a spray of the type sold in laundries to disinfect and perfume the pillows, which will give the room a nice, clean scent.

How to achieve the glow effect?

After cooking, the stack of dishes must be washed. A drop of detergent or a solution of bicarbonate and lemon is enough, clean the sink and rinse well. If you want to make the faucets shine, wipe the surface of the sink with a cloth moistened with alcohol, it has a guaranteed effect.

Don't forget to clean the mirrors you have at home and change the towels. It may take you 20 minutes in total.

Ventilate the place

Have you made the bed? Fold and collect anything that is out of place. In each room, open the windows and roll out the carpet in the windows. In this way, good air circulation is carried out during cleaning and at the same time each room will be ready for the last step: vacuuming. In 15 minutes you can clean every room, giving priority to the hallway, kitchen and bathroom, which usually tend to get dirtier.

If you still have time, wash the floors of the house with boiling water and vinegar, starting with the bedroom and bathroom, then the kitchen. Leave the last corridor: until it dries, you can go out and throw away the garbage. Place a fruit basket on the table or a bouquet of fresh flowers for color and vibrancy.