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Three things that make a living room look ordinary

Three things that make a living room look ordinary
An interior designer has discovered the three things you should never have in your home if you don't want to look ordinary and that you spent very little. The expert, from Vybe Interior, said that exposed electrical cords, cushions with quotes and inspirational quotes and inappropriate lighting make your home look 'cheap' and should be avoided.

The first thing she mentioned was the clutter from the visible cables from the electronic devices that are in the house. She recommends hiding them in separate boxes: "If possible, you can put the cables in the wall, and if not, you can get a small box on Amazon," she said.
She also doesn't like pillows with inspirational sayings like: "live, laugh, love".

Even mass-produced "works of art" according to her are a wrong purchase because everyone has the same things at home.
"When you're looking for artwork, look for something a little more original, something that not everyone will have," she said.

She also talked about lighting fixtures, explaining how exposed LED lighting can make a room look spare.

The expert got so much attention on her video that she uploaded a second video with more things that make people's homes look cheap.
However, some of the followers were outraged by the list of items that should not be in the house admitting that they have at least one of them.