Prices are indexed, Manastirliu: More beneficiaries from the list of reimbursable drugs

Prices are indexed, Manastirliu: More beneficiaries from the list of

The Council of Ministers approved the decision to index the prices of reimbursable drugs. The news was announced by the Minister of Health Ogerta Manastrliu.

"This decision gives us the opportunity to further expand drug coverage through the drug reimbursement scheme for citizens who suffer from chronic diseases, as well as the expansion of medication diagnoses and the increase in the number of citizens who benefit from the drug reimbursement scheme . This price increase provides a benefit to the budget allocated for drugs on the reimbursement list in the amount of about 3.6 million dollars, which will be used again to support more people with chronic diseases and to expand treatment alternatives for them, but also to enable the burden of morbidity, also resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, to be fully covered", said Manastirliu.

More than 410,000 citizens benefit from the list of reimbursable drugs, where more than 60% of them are pensioners and persons with disabilities, who are supported with drug treatment according to the medical diagnoses they receive from family doctors.

The list of reimbursable drugs contains about 1191 medication alternatives for patients treated in the outpatient service. For 2023, the budget for the drug reimbursement list has been increased, bringing it to 11.4 billion ALL. This increased budget as well as price indexation, which is now an annual practice, will affect the improvement and expansion of medication therapies for patients who suffer from chronic diseases.