The beaches of Kavaja and Durrës will be cleaned with an additional operator

The beaches of Kavaja and Durrës will be cleaned with an additional

The beaches of Kavaja and Durrës will be cleaned with an additional operator, until September 1, in order to ensure the cleanliness of the coast. The Minister of Tourism and Environment Mirela Kumbaro closely observed the situation in the municipalities of Kavaja and Durrës, which, in addition to the firms contracted by the latter, to cope with the influx, are being assisted by an additional operator managed by the National Coastal Agency.

"The increase in the population flow during these months makes it impossible for the municipality to succeed alone in cleaning the waste and that is why we decided for the first time to use this instrument together with the AKB for the line of the beach", said Minister Kumbaro.

Minister Kumbaro emphasized that during the period July 1-September 1, when it is the peak of the summer tourist season, the biggest challenge is cleaning the beaches, especially in public stations and intermediate areas between stations managed by private business.

In addition to the coordination between the operators of the municipality and the National Coastal Agency, orientation work has also been done with the subjects called 'big polluters' on how they will deposit the waste at certain times.

"We have started a sensitization work with the hotel businesses, giving them the opportunity to go and collect the waste with our company or the one contracted by AKB at certain times", explained the mayor of Durrës, Emiriana Sako.

In this situation, according to Minister Kumbaro, the biggest problem remains awareness, because even in cases where the bins are not overflowing, citizens and businesses prefer to throw waste outside the bins or in the corners of buildings.

"This is almost a war against vice, because we can add bins and cars, but if people, businesses throw them out, we increase the effort, we increase the costs", said Minister Kumbaro.

Two other municipalities that are supported by the additional coastline cleaning operator are Saranda and Himara.