The Albanian Football Federation continues for another three years the cooperation with the sponsor "Uji Tepelene"

The Albanian Football Federation continues for another three years the

The Albanian Football Federation (AFHF) and Uji Tepelene are pleased to announce the renewal of the cooperation contract for the next three years. This partnership, which has lasted for 20 years, has been an important pillar in supporting Albanian football and promoting the sport at all levels.

The president of the AFL, Armand Duka, and the CEO of Uji Tepelene, Luca Busi, signed the new contract today, in a special ceremony held at the premises of the "House of Football". This renovation comes at a very important moment, as the Albanian National Football Team is preparing to participate in the European Football Championship "UEFA EURO 2024", which will take place this summer in Germany.

The cooperation between the AFL and Uji Tepelene is one of the longest and most fruitful in the history of Albanian sports. For two decades, Uji Tepelene has offered continuous support to the Albanian National Team and the activities of the AFL, ensuring the hydration and freshness of the athletes in every match and training. During these years, Uji Tepelene has been a symbol of loyalty and dedication to Albanian football, helping to build a sports culture that promotes health and high performance.

In his welcoming speech at this event, the President of the ALF, Armand Duka, started with a thank you for President Busi and the sponsor "Uji Tepelene", which was among the first sponsors to sign a contract with the ALF, while revealed that Uji Tepelene will accompany the team in the preparatory phase in Austria and in the finals of EURO 2024.

"I want to start by thanking Luca Busi and the entire Busi family. Luca is the first sponsor to come, as the CEO of Ujit Tepelene, and I want to thank him for taking the initiative and supporting the AFL, he had faith in us to be serious partners.

Tepelene water has accompanied our football for 20 years constantly, without a doubt, football has its ups and downs, there are positive and negative results. Tepelena has always been supportive, cooperative and believed in us. The year 2024, the year when we are part of a very important tournament, the European Championship "Germany 2024", coincides with the 20th anniversary of this relationship and this long period shows how serious both sides have been, to raised both together and to serve both together common goals, be it business, or even football promotion.

I wish that Uji Tepelene motivates the team even more in the European Championship. They will continue to drink Tepelene Water both in Austria and Germany. The company has provided us with water supply, even with the new bottle that it produced just for EURO 2024. I wish that the water will bring luck to the whole team. I thank you once again for the cooperation so far and I guarantee Ujit Tepelene that we will continue to be as serious as now" - said President Duka.

Even the CEO of Ujit Tepelene, Luca Busi, expressed his satisfaction for the continuation of this cooperation.

"We are proud to be part of the success story of Albanian football and we look forward to contributing to new achievements in the coming years," said the President of Uji Tepelene, Luca Busi.

On the occasion of the participation of the Albanian National Team in Euro 2024, Uji Tepelene has created a new 'Limited Edition' label, which contains the signatures of all the national team footballers. This special label will be available temporarily and aims to celebrate this historic moment for Albanian football, making every bottle of Uji Tepelene a special memory for fans and supporters of the team.

This renewed cooperation emphasizes the joint commitment of the AFL and Uji Tepelene to promote sports and support Albanian athletes. At a time when the National Team prepares for the challenges of Euro 2024, this partnership will play a key role in ensuring the optimal conditions for success.

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