Here's how to secure a ticket for "Euro 2024"

Here's how to secure a ticket for "Euro 2024"

UEFA announces to all fans of the Albanian National Team around the world that the process of selling tickets for the matches of the European Championship "Germany 2024" will soon begin. All those interested in purchasing tickets for next year's matches in Germany can access the official website using the relevant link ( ).

The Albanian Football Federation says that it does not sell any tickets for the fans of the National Team, but tickets for the National Team matches or other European finals matches will only be sold online on the UEFA website, in the aforementioned link.

Fans are asked to create an account on the official UEFA website and apply for tickets for their favorite matches of the Albanian National Team. Registration starts on December 4 to 12, 2023, after the Albanian National Team knows the opponents in the group and the stadiums where they will play. At the moment you register, you must identify yourself as a fan of the Albanian National Team, selecting the matches of Albania (Albanian flag).

Also, you must determine the number of tickets you want to have available. With one account, you can buy up to 4 tickets for one match. If requests and applications exceed the availability of tickets given as a quota for Albanian fans, UEFA will draw a lot for all persons who have applied as fans of Albania. Winners will be notified by email to pay for their tickets in January 2024