The Albanian national football team will now have its own home

The Albanian national football team will now have its own home

Today, the new offices of the Albanian Football Federation were inaugurated in the premises of the former Dinamo complex, which is now called the House of Football. FIFA president Gianni Infantino was also present at this inauguration, who is conducting an official visit to Tirana.

Prime Minister Edi Rama together with the president of the AFL Armando Duka accompanied Infantino and his delegation to the museum that tells about the history of Albanian football, since its birth and the most important football achievements.

The Albanian national football team will now have its own home

"It is a great pleasure for me to be here with you where we inaugurate this wonderful home of football. We have all managed as a big football family to build this house, which projects the AFL and Albania into a new era. I came here for the first time 20 years ago and what I see today is 2 thousand light years ago, I see a spectacle in the region with infrastructure investments because it shows that Albania is oriented towards the future. I want to compliment the great work that has been done," said the FIFA President.

"Albania is not a superpower, but it is a great power of hospitality and passion in sports that we want to support and develop. For us, first of all comes the common desire to develop this sport, which is not a goal in itself what we see on TV that brings wealth, but it is what brings children together in the fields. Fields which are not enough in the country in relation to the residents, we have made stadiums, but this is one of our objectives with the federation to invest even more. We will do many fields in all cities, because we need to increase the level of training," said Prime Minister Rama.

In the premises of the former Dinamo complex, a house for football and the Albanian national team has been designed, as a modern and contemporary center where the national team is welcomed and the training of coaches and various courses takes place.

Also, in this space with all standards and logistical facilities, facilities for the development of conferences, meetings, assemblies as well as a football museum and two mini stadiums for training and sports events are included.