Sylvinho before the match with Italy: We will fight for every point!

Sylvinho before the match with Italy: We will fight for every point!

The coach of the national team, Sylvinho spoke at the press conference before the first match of Euro 2024 against Italy on June 15. The Brazilian coach of the Rossoneri emphasized that for him it is an honor to be in Euro 2024 with Albania while adding that they will go down to the field to fight and try to get points from every match.

"First of all I'm happy to be here, we had a tough competition in the qualifiers and it's an honor to be with Albania at Euro 2024. I'm sorry that the captain (Gjimshiti) didn't play in 2016, but I'm glad for the opportunity which he already is and deserves. He represents us very well. We are in a very difficult group, it is a big competition.

But we will go in to compete and fight for every point and have a great championship. It will be difficult against Italy, after training we will decide on the formation, although the formation is almost decided.

We have many Albanians around the world, in Germany, Italy and Switzerland, for us it is a great responsibility to represent them. The stadium will mostly be red and black and this is a big responsibility for us.

There are many differences between the Italy of the past and the present. But Italy is a higher level team, they have fast players and a great coach. Mancini has done a great job, Spalletti as well. They have experience, they are a "top" team. When they enter the field, they do it to win the competition. But, we will also enter for points", said Sylvinho.