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10 things the British royal family can't do

10 things the British royal family can't do
The rules of the English Royal Family are among the strictest in the world. No physical contact, photos or autographs with fans. Although nowadays it seems almost impossible. Kate, William, Harry and Meghan meet citizens and exchange gifts and thoughts. But for them the rules do not change. Here are some of the things the Crown does not accept.

They cannot sign autographs

Imagine if the signature of a member of the royal family fell into the wrong hands. To maintain the confidentiality and security of Crown documents and to avoid fraud and identity theft, royals are not allowed to sign autographs.

They cannot travel together

The rule applies to heirs to the throne. King Charles, Prince William and his son George must never be on the same type of transport, be it a plane, car, boat or train. This is to prevent the crown from being left without a direct heir to the English throne in the event of an accident or a terrorist attack.

Never go out without a black suit

All members of the royal family, whenever they go on a trip, must have a black suit with them. This rule serves to ensure you never find yourself unprepared for the mourning dress code, in case something happens and the royals have to appear in public. In all other cases, the absolute black ban remains. It was Queen Elizabeth II who established this protocol, which became famous thanks to the vengeful outfit worn by Lady Diana after her separation from Charles.

No nickname

Only Mum and Dad would be the pet names accepted by the English royal family. Anything else is not tolerated: in no official context does Kate Middleton become Catherine of Wales and Will becomes Prince William.

They cannot use social networks

Vetëm profilet zyrtare të ndjekura nga anëtarët e stafit. Familja mbretërore nuk ka liri të menaxhojë llogaritë e tyre sociale, menaxherët ekspertë janë përgjegjës për mbajtjen e tyre të përditësuar. Princesha Eugenie duket se është e vetmja me një faqe në Instagram që e menaxho vet.

Asnjë selfie

Ndoshta rregulli më i thyer nga të gjithë . Protokolli mbretëror do t'i ndalonte anëtarët e familjes mbretërore të ​​pozonin për selfie dhe foto me fansat. Por siç e dimë, si Kate ashtu edhe William, edhe Harry dhe Meghan e kanë thyer këtë rregull.

Ata nuk mund të pranojnë dhurata

Për arsye sigurie dhe mirësjelljeje, përfaqësuesit e familjes mbretërore nuk mund të pranojnë dhurata.

Nuk ka lojëra në tavolinë

No, there won't be any game boxes on the Christmas dinner table at Sandringham or Buckingham Palace. In fact, since 2008, this way of passing the time has been banned for the royal family

They cannot vote

In Great Britain there is a passage of the Constitution that prohibits the royal family from voting. This is to preserve the sense of neutrality that the Crown maintains in relation to the country's political history.

Not French

Among the strangest aspects of royal protocol is a list of 16 words that can never be used, especially in public and in front of the cameras. Among them, French expressions such as pardon (pardon) or toilet (toilette) are strictly prohibited.