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The 10 Most Wanted Remote Jobs Paying Over $100,000

The 10 Most Wanted Remote Jobs Paying Over $100,000

Although fewer people are working from home now compared to two years ago, it's still not a bad time to find a remote job, and some of the most in-demand roles that foreign companies are hiring for come with a six-figure salary. .

The latest data from LinkedIn shows that remote work is recovering after months of gradual decline. As of January 2022, 50% of workers said they worked mostly in the field, while 28% said they were mostly remote, according to a survey of 5,860 professionals.

Top industries that offer numerous remote work opportunities with six-figure salaries include accounting, finance, technology, and marketing.

These fields have seen significant growth in remote jobs in the past 12 months, despite recent layoffs in the technology and finance sectors.

To examine where remote employment is happening the most, FlexJobs listed the 10 most in-demand jobs from companies and how much they pay:

1. Senior Product Marketing Manager

Average salary: $132,101

2. Senior Product Manager

Average salary: $129,724

3. Senior Data Scientist

Average salary: $129,653

4. Counselor of the corporation

Average salary: $126,124

5. Senior data engineer

Average salary: $125,951

6. Senior product designer

Average salary: $125,101

7. Senior Software Engineer

Average salary: $124,030

8. Engineering manager

Average salary: $119,135

9. Psychiatric nurse

Average salary: $115,594

10. Director of finance

Average salary: $114,863