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138 years without Victor Hugo, the writer who didn't love 'Les Miserables' only in his books, but also left them his fortune

138 years without Victor Hugo, the writer who didn't love 'Les

Victor Hugo, one of the most prominent writers of French and world literature, is mainly known for his masterpieces such as "Les Misérables" (The Miserables) and "Notre-Dame de Paris". But apart from his outstanding literary works, another important aspect of his life is his commitment to social and humanitarian issues. One of Hugo's most grand and touching gestures is his decision to leave his fortune to the poor.

Victor Hugo was a strong defender of human rights and a powerful voice for the poor and oppressed. During his lifetime, he used his fame and influence to fight for social justice and protect the rights of those in need.

This commitment of his culminated in the decision to leave his wealth to the poor, an act that reflected his deep humanitarian convictions.

50,000 euros (equivalent) is said to be his wealth at that time. But apart from these, the continuous sales of his books or the use of works in the theater, all this money generated, went again to the "wretched", as he called them, whom he did not want only in his books.