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15 years old I did panini 8 hours and studied for exams! 'This is the only way to become good,' my mother used to tell me

15 years old I did panini 8 hours and studied for exams! 'This is the only

When Luca Busi (the current president of Coca Cola in Albania) was 10 years old he lost his father. Kristina Busi lost her husband, but also the one who had taken the helm of the business. She was 30 years old. As Luca, her son, says today, Kristina had to prove to everyone that she was the lady to bring forward what her husband left half.

Even from Italy, it expanded its business to Albania and beyond. What about the boy?

In the Podcast with Mira Kazhani today, Luca Busi tells how when he was 15 years old his mother sent him to work at a point where they were making bread. He worked 8 hours a day during the summer. He rode his bicycle and learned about the exams he had to improve.

"I actually dedicate all my way to growth to my dear Kristina. She made me understand faster and touch them closely, to understand what kind of dough I had. During the time I had some exams for September, in the fall, for recovery, he let me work all summer at a point that sold panini. Cycling. Eight hours. They paid me, meanwhile I had to learn about the exams. I was 15 years old! To pave the way, to be ready to take the lead ", says Luca.

How could the son be the heir but working?

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