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4 secrets that men do not want you to know 

4 secrets that men do not want you to know
Men are more complicated than you might think. In fact, there are many things about men that women usually do not see. They can be very secretive. Read below 4 secrets that men do not want their partner to know:


Every man needs emotional support from his partner, but they will never accept it out loud. They always try to look strong, but the stress of everyday life affects everyone and everyone needs support.


Men find it difficult to express their fears because they do not want to be seen as weak. Men are considered strong and are expected to have a bold face in the face of society. But sometimes, they too feel overwhelmed by dark thoughts and fears.


Men may not accept it, but they take a look at every woman who passes by. Most of them tend to judge women by their appearance. And since they like someone, they want to know their personality.


Men do not notice minorities and conflicts as much as women. Sometimes, they are ignorant of what their wife is struggling with. They do not focus on the small details as much as their partner would like.