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5 tips before asking for a raise

5 tips before asking for a raise

Everyone has the right to progress at work and seek career advancement. Often women are prejudiced at work being valued less compared to men even though it may be the same job.

In some cases, women are even less valued than their male colleagues even when they do more work.

Some career experts have provided 5 tips you should do in advance before asking to meet with your boss about a promotion.

Take more responsibility

Before you ask for a raise, you have to earn it, so in the months leading up to your review, start taking on more responsibilities at the office. Volunteer to lead a project, attend a conference and bring specialized knowledge, or find a solution to a team problem, etc.

Join the discussions

When you attend meetings, meetings or various discussions with your superiors or colleagues, make sure you speak up or contribute more. This will make you learn more from them, present yourself better to them and create the right connections.

Rate yourself

While you're doing all this great work, keep track of all your accomplishments, emails praising your work, wins you've achieved, and anything else related to your professional accomplishments. It is important to know your worth. Use your list as inspiration to talk to your supervisor yourself, since your boss may not be aware of all the good things you're doing.

Do the calculations correctly

When asking for a raise, be reasonable in what you ask for. Make sure the value makes sense within your company and department. Also, the position, time spent, professional qualifications must be within the values ​​required by the company.

Practice makes perfect

Practice what you're going to say before the meeting with your boss. Learn how to start a conversation, how to properly present your achievements, and how to accurately express the requirements you have.