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7 TV series with a therapeutic effect (if you don't overdo it)

7 TV series with a therapeutic effect (if you don't overdo it)

There are times when we don't turn on the TV or computer to find something new or to see the latest releases, but to watch our comfort series.

The Anglo-Saxons have a term they call "showing comfort".

This term refers to those programs, generally television series, that we turn to in difficult times to find comfort or just joy. They are the ones who make us laugh at the same jokes, who make us relax through the characters we have come to love, who soothe us thanks to the therapeutic power of nostalgia.

It doesn't matter how many times we have seen them, they are able to make us feel at home, pampered and welcomed.

Jessi Gold, a psychiatrist and well-being psychologist for the University of Tennessee System, explained to Wondermind that it's not as simple as saying, 'Oh, this is something that brings you great happiness when you look at it while you're sad. ' Instead, 'comfort' is a kind of attitude about what you hope to get out of your TV time, and this can vary greatly from person to person. Maybe you want a compelling escape from the world around you or maybe you want to cheer yourself up, calm down or support your sadness.

The type of show that makes you feel comfortable varies from person to person: for some it may be a cooking talent show, for others it may take the form of a romantic comedy, a sitcom or their favorite detective series. What they all have in common, regardless of the subject, is that they work as a means of escaping reality, giving us a sense of calm.

The therapeutic power of nostalgia

One factor that turns a program into a comfort show is nostalgia. This concerns both childhood programs and those watched during a period in which they represented a source of relief or joy and therefore they can automatically be associated with good memories and very different periods of life.

Nostalgia is a deep feeling, and although it is often associated with a sense of melancholy or sadness about the past, it can actually play a positive role in our emotional well-being.

Nostalgia can also foster gratitude.

What are these series?

Among them are the series 'Gilmore Girls', 'The office', 'Friends', 'Buffy', 'New Girl', 'Scrubs', 'The Sopranos'.