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Do you know what is the most misspelled name in the world?

Do you know what is the most misspelled name in the world?

All kinds of names have appeared these days, but one of them has been described as the most mispronounced in the world.

It seems that Irish names are difficult in general, but one of them holds the champion.

He is Sean.

A study was conducted by WordFinderX, which analyzed data from Forvo, an online service that helps people learn how to pronounce words with audio clips.

It turns out that Sean (pronounced Shon, not how it's spelled) is the most searched name, with users entering the name into Forvo a million times. This makes it the most searched name on the site.

Sean, also spelled Seán, is a masculine given name of Irish origin. It comes from Irish versions of the biblical Hebrew name Yohanan.

It is also associated with the name John, which means 'God is merciful'. And if you ever get stuck trying to pronounce Sean, just remember that these two names sound the same.

Or you could just think of all the famous people named Sean in the world; from Sean Connery and Sean Penn to Big Sean and Sean Paul.

The name in second place is Xuxa, which is of Basque origin and is pronounced 'Shoo-shuh'. The site has been searched 802,000 times.

While in third place with 696,000 listens is the Latin name Victoria, which we all agree is heard much more in our daily lives.

The top five was rounded out by the Spanish name Francisco and the Greek name Platon.