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Artan Fuga against Mira Murat as a member of the Academy of Sciences? How to read Professor Fuga's outburst at the new appointments

Artan Fuga against Mira Murat as a member of the Academy of Sciences? How to

Yesterday Mira Murati, the Albanian of Chat GPT, was voted as the youngest (external) member of the Academy of
Sciences, together with Lea Ypi, Angelin Preljocaj.

Mira Murati left Albania as a teenager and in foreign interviews she has said that she is from Albania, but she has not yet given any interview in Albanian. She has appeared in several criminal cases alongside Bill Gates and the names of the moment.
Lea Ypi is a lecturer at LSE and one of the names in academic circles in Europe.
Angelin Preljocaj, born and raised in France, one of the most famous stage artists. These last two have come to Tirana several times, while Murat has not yet made an appearance. The latter is the Albanian of the moment in the world.
In a status today on Facebook, the famous professor Artan Fuga reacted by saying that the appointments were made in the absence of respect for the law.
Of course, it would not be the first time that such appointments are made in our country. There is no doubt that the law must be respected, but is this discussion worth it before the contribution of some names that do not need to send CVs to Albania? Plus you can click on Google for them...
Maybe Professor Fuga goes by other names, but in his status it stands out that he speaks in the plural. And it does not exclude names.
Successful names do not need Albania, much less the Academy that has been sleeping for a lifetime.
The latter is the saddest violation for a country that still suffers the exclusion of the good, with or without the law, especially in mentality.

Albania needs new names, of the time, that approach us from the west and the future. A bit sure!