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Carrier, love (and freshness) is in the air

Carrier, love (and freshness) is in the air

Summer came and among the beautiful things, it also brings days with an unbearable heat. Unbearable, but not if you have a quality air conditioning system at home or in the office. Air conditioning is a must these days and if you are looking for one, we suggest Carrier, with 115 years of experience in this field. 115 years of opportunity to improve yourself.

The invention of the air conditioner has significantly improved our quality of life. The focus of the company has been to ensure maximum comfort and provide the highest quality products, to guarantee their longevity and high efficiency. Because high efficiency of the air conditioning system in summer also means high efficiency on our part. Think a little how hard it is to work in an office without air conditioning, when you are covered in sweat and can barely breathe? Or cook when the kitchen lacks fresh air from the air conditioner? How impossible and embarrassing would it be? The air conditioner makes our life more comfortable, but be careful to choose the right one, in order to save as well.

With more than 115 years of experience, Carrier is the trusted choice of millions of residents worldwide for the air conditioning system. Thanks to its wide range of products, everyone can choose the right model for office or home.

Whether you are looking for a multisplit system, Fan coil chiller system, VRf or for a split air conditioner, Carrier is always the right choice. The company has now officially arrived in our country, with a showroom on Gjergj Fishta Boulevard, Alpas Center. There you will find the latest air conditioning and cleaning products, to ensure a comfortable and safe living for you and your relatives. High energy class and maximum efficiency offer a device that meets the highest energy requirements, saving you for many years in electricity consumption. Carrier coils produce warm sanitary water up to 60 degrees Celsius in winter and provide you with the freshness you want in the summer season.

If you want to improve your lifestyle, you must first choose Carrier. Your comfort depends only on you! For more, you can easily visit

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