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What are the types of people who can not keep a secret?

What are the types of people who can not keep a secret?

It is said that the best way to reveal one of our secrets to everyone is to say it to the chosen person: "Please do not tell anyone else!". In fact, it is common for friends or relatives to tell you secret things in good faith.

Yet everyone (or almost everyone) has happened to show it to others, though this should not have been done. Why, then, do we choose to entrust our secret to someone else? And in what cases does it happen? Are there less trustworthy people to whom you can not give information?

These are the questions posed by some expert psychologists on behavior from the University of Arizona in the US. And the end was not at all premeditated. The researchers analyzed the results of 9 previous studies, in which participants were asked how often they had decided to reveal someone's secret, and also what were the reasons behind this decision.

Considering a wide variety of secrets, from being unhappy at work to sexual betrayal, from being pregnant to wanting to file for divorce, participants admitted that on average 30 percent of them revealed them to others. And in the case of secrets shared in good faith with relatives or close friends, something less: 26 percent of the time. So in practice a quarter of the secrets are revealed.

How a secret is kept

According to the team of researchers, the motivation for this will depend on the integrity of the person who reveals the secret that should actually be kept as such. This means that if the person who has something to hide is selfish, or who does not follow much moral principles, we are much more likely to reveal his secrets than would happen to a nice, generous and loyal, whom we respect and appreciate. Here is when a secret can be kept: it all depends on who tells us.

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